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50 State Quarter Coins

About the 50 State Quarters Program

California State QuarterThe 50 State Quarters Program began in the year 1999. This year in 2008 it will conclude with the issuance of the Hawaii State Quarter. The series is credited with breathing new life into the hobby of coin collecting. A complete set of State Quarters could be assembled from pocket change over the course of the 10 year series.


50 State Quarter Designs


The purpose of the series was to celebrate the diversity of the 50 States of the United States by issuing a circulating commemorative quarter bearing design unique to each state. The designs have ranged from natural wonders like the Grand Canyon to famous individuals like Helen Keller to manmade structures like Mount Rushmore.


Collecting the 50 State Quarters


The State Quarters Program has brought joy to many as they eagerly awaited the release of each new quarter. Each release is typically accompanied by an official launch ceremony in the state of issue. In attendance are typically the governor of the state and a US Mint representative.


The most popular method of collecting the new quarter series is by attaining one example of each different quarter. This results in a collection of 50 unique and beautifully designed quarters. Other methods of collection included obtaining a complete set by date and mint mark. Each year quarters are issued by the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint. In addition, the San Francisco Mint issues special proof and silver proof coins. A complete collection of all dates and mint marks would contain 200 quarters.


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